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It takes a community of practice…


Like the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and similarly, it takes a community of practice of healthcare professionals to create a safe and healthy environment to prevent infections.

Through the leadership and commitment of IPAC, hundreds of preventive measures are implemented daily by IPAC professionals and all healthcare professionals across the continuum of care to keep patients free from healthcare-associated infections.

During the National Infection Control Week, Hygie’s Team wants to join you in promoting and recognizing your work by saying: 100 times, thank you!

The use of appropriate and secure methods when handling body fluids is an important source control measure to prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms. The practice of transporting these infectious materials such as stools, urine or vomitus can be a factor in contaminating the environment and spreading to other patients. Hence the importance of keeping body fluids at the point of care in the patient’s room.

At Hygie we’re all about facilitating the work of the healthcare professional and improving patient experience. by providing simple, effective and ready to use solutions that keep body fluids at the point of care.

National Infection Control Week is a great opportunity to educate and promote preventive measures to decrease environmental contamination. Therefore, we want to support your teams by offering many services, especially during that period.

  • Introducing innovative approaches to managing body fluids
  • Training on the use of Hygienic Covers
  • Auditing on the proper use of Hygie products
  • Conducting a pilot project on a unit of your choice
  • Providing use of our products to control a C.difficile outbreak
  • Writing a cost analysis and cost savings on the use of Hygie products

Joining our voice again to thank you for your amazing work!