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Bedpan ProKit

Combines in a value format, the bedpan support, Bedpan/Commode Hygienic Covers®. A complete system to manage body fluids in your institution, whether you need to isolate or standardize. Absorbs 700 ml within 30 seconds

  • 3-in-1 Kit
  • No Cleaning
  • No spills
  • No sterilization
  • Easy to implement
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Hospital use. Particularly recommended for isolation case.

  • Dimensions

    Hygienic Cover®: Length–24.5"(62.2cm). Width–18"(45.7cm). Thickness –38μm.
    Support: Length –15.5"(38.5cm). Width –11.75"(29.6cm). Height–4" (10.6cm).

  • Composition

    Polypropylene bedpan support. Polyethylene bag equipped with ties made of recycled materials. Super absorbent pad 100% recycled composed of a non-woven support with a sulfate base coupled with sodium acrylate based co-polymers. Packaging made of recycled materials. No latex and no phthalates.

  • Expiration date

    No expiry date

  • Regulations

    FDA : class I medical device exempt from 510(k).
    CE marking : Class I medical device according to the rules of annex IX of European Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

  • SKU


  • Case

    10 stacked bedpan supports 2 adaptors-10 boxes of 20 bedpan liners
    40.5 x 60 x 32cm / 12.7 kg
    16 x 12.5 x 23.75 in / 28 lbs

  • Pallet

    18 cases per pallet or 18 bedpan kits
    122 x 102 x 133 cm / 251 kg
    48 x 40 x 52¼in / 554 lbs