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Bedpan System

Whether you seek to optimize waste management as part of your routine practice or to contain an isolation case, this single-patient bedpan system is the ONLY complete solution on the market that allows stools to be safely handled by both healthcare professionals.

What you'll like most about this product


Ergonomic single-patient bedpan support designed to be used for the duration of the patient’s stay.


Solidifies 700 ml of liquid within 30 seconds


No spills, no environmental contamination, no odours


No transport of dirty and potentially contaminated bedpan to utility room required.



Bedpan Support

Used with Hygienic covers®, the Hygie Bedpan Support® is the perfect solution to contain pathogens. It combines the characteristics of the orthopedic bedpan and the standard bedpan. Your staff will never have to handle stool again, clean and disinfect soiled equipment. Recommendation: one support per patient per stay. Maximum weight: 350 lb.
  • Increased stability
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage (stackable)
  • No sterilization required
  • 100% recycable


Bedpan Hygienic Cover®

The Bedpan/Commode Hygienic cover® is the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body wastes at point of care. Its unique super-absorbent pad included in each cover (liner) is designed to turn more than 700 ml of body fluids (urine, blood and feces) into gel within seconds.

The Hygienic Covers® are made from recycled material and the super-absorbent pad is made from 100% recycled material.
  • Reduces infections
  • Cost-efficient
  • No cleaning
  • No spills
  • Easy to integrate



The Bedpan Support Extender is used for overweight people.(Up to 500 lb). It is placed directly on the Bedpan Support® to increase its height.
  • Single patient
  • Complete system for body fluids management
  • Ergonomic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Stackable


Bedpan ProKit

Combines in a value format, the bedpan support, Bedpan/Commode Hygienic Covers®. A complete system to manage body fluids in your institution, whether you need to isolate or standardize. Absorbs 700 ml within 30 seconds
  • 3-in-1 Kit
  • No Cleaning
  • No spills
  • No sterilization
  • Easy to implement


Hanging scale

The hanging scale is used to weigh the amount of body fluids (urine, stool, vomiting) collected in Hygienic covers®. It can be hung on the wall at the entrance of a patient’s room or kept at the central station of a unit.
  • Effectively measures the quantities of body fluids collected
  • Perfect tool to complement the use of Hygienic covers®


Protective covers for hanging scale

Protective transparent covers for hanging scale. Prevent contamination of the scale in a place of isolation.
  • Avoids the contamination of the scale


Hygienic Cover® dispenser

Made of solid plastic. Holds up to 20 Hygienic covers®. Durable lid with locking latch. Opening on the top allowing easy access to the Hygienic covers®.

Can be installed at the entrance to a patient’s room with a wall bracket or at the back of a commode chair

Use with accessory plate (sold separately). Plate made of plastic for easy installation and disassembly. Can be hung on the back of a commode. Metal support for disinfectant wipes container.

Plates available for commodes :
CH-PLAQ-DIST-000 (For standard steel commode chair)
CH-PLAQ-DIST-XL0 (For XL steel commode chair)
CH-PLAQ-DIST-ALU (For Alu-Classic commode chair)
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Easy distribution of Hygienic covers®
  • Can be matched on a commode with a disinfectant wipe holder


Hy-SO Kit

The Hy-SO Kit is a preventive tool used to proactively isolate a patient as soon as he has the first symptoms of an infection. The kit contains a Bedpan Support and six (6) Bedpan / Commode Hygienic covers® in a sealed bag.
  • Reduces HAIs
  • Blocks contaminants at the source
  • Full kit (Support + bags)
  • No cleaning necessary
  • Easy to integrate


Wall Support System

The adjustable Wall Support System is the perfect solution to hang Hygienic cover® product boxes and all Hygie supports. The bracket is made of cold rolled steel coated with electrostatic powder paint. It does not contain any porous material. Fixings are included. The complete system enables quick access to all products easily.
  • Fits all institutions
  • Can be used in separate parts
  • Allows easy access to all products


Toilet Bowl Hygienic Cover

Transforms a traditional toilet into a dry toilet that does not require flushing. They are recommended for the disposal of urine and stools contaminated with biocides, radioactive substances or chemotherapeutic agents.

Ideal when you need to collect samples for analysis, or just when you do not have access to water. They are designed to solidify 700 ml of excreta (urine, diarrhea, blood, serous fluid) in seconds.
  • Works with all toilets
  • Blocks odors
  • Eliminates decontamination
  • Essential when water access is limited
  • Essential for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments

Lise Laplante


General manager,
Quebec, Canada

I just read the article in the Innovation section of Les Affaires. After literally "camping" at Charles-Lemoyne three times in 2007-2008 to watch over my father and my brother, I can testify that the risk situations described in the article are unfortunately the reality in hospitals. And when you choose to take care of a sick person at home, having access to such products can only help. Bravo and good luck for the future!

M. Emery


Hygiene Officer,
Korian Medical Clinic,

Very positive feedback from the teams, no more trips to wash-basins, no more time lost, less smell in the corridors, greater ease of work. Patient very happy because has nominative material, new, that he takes with him when he exits if he wishes. RU very positive to this approach.

Faye Brekelmans


Infection Control Advisor,
London Health Sciences Center,

Several staff members indicated that they really like the new Hygie bag because it prevents the risk of splashing themselves when dumping urine or feces. Some units have started using the Hygie bag on all patients requiring a bedpan, rather than just for specific indications, to prevent passing infections to other patients. In addition, it has reduced the odor in patient care areas associated with frequent handling of stool and bedpans.

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