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Our gloves reduce exposure to pathogens and cross-contamination. Patients’ personal cleaning procedure with water in a portable container still poses contamination problems and the institutions are nowadays turning to disposable solutions. A 2012 study in the American Journal of Infection Control already established that 2/3 of the washing containers were contaminated with infectious pathogens.

Whether it is to reduce urinary tract infections, cross-contamination or the washing and cleaning of the usual equipment, this hygienic system makes it possible to adopt a disposable solution, ready to use and ideal for nosocomial infections reduction.

What you'll like most about this product




Simply use and dispose in the trash


No spills, no contamination


No need to bring patient to the toilet, or bring a water container to the patient’s bed.



Wet Wash Glove

Ready-to-use, single-use, the hygienic non-woven wet-on-both-faces glove is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including children, babies and sensitive skin.

Both soft and ultra-strong, the hygienic wet wash glove is alcohol-free and soap-free, and requires no rinsing. It can also be heated in the microwave for extra comfort.
  • Ideal for patients with sensitive skin, bedridden, incontinent, dependent or reluctant to be bathed
  • Allows to wash a patient without a bowl of water therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Decreases urinary tract infections associated with catheter
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be used in geriatrics, nursing homes, oncology, intensive care and palliative care


GO GLOV disposable toilet glove

Wet, wash and throw away! Ready to use, the GO GLOV® replaces the washcloth and is used for the personal hygiene of patients in medical institutions, retirement homes, home care and maternity. Made of very soft, lint-free, resistant and hypoallergenic fabric. The fibers comply with the requirements of the OE-KOTEX® Standard 100 Class 1, which allows the product to be used in contact with babies’ skin.
  • Reduces the spread of bacteria
  • Eliminates washing and reuse of washcloths
  • Simple and easy to use

Lise Laplante


General manager,
Quebec, Canada

I just read the article in the Innovation section of Les Affaires. After literally "camping" at Charles-Lemoyne three times in 2007-2008 to watch over my father and my brother, I can testify that the risk situations described in the article are unfortunately the reality in hospitals. And when you choose to take care of a sick person at home, having access to such products can only help. Bravo and good luck for the future!

M. Emery


Hygiene Officer,
Korian Medical Clinic,

Very positive feedback from the teams, no more trips to wash-basins, no more time lost, less smell in the corridors, greater ease of work. Patient very happy because has nominative material, new, that he takes with him when he exits if he wishes. RU very positive to this approach.

Faye Brekelmans


Infection Control Advisor,
London Health Sciences Center,

Several staff members indicated that they really like the new Hygie bag because it prevents the risk of splashing themselves when dumping urine or feces. Some units have started using the Hygie bag on all patients requiring a bedpan, rather than just for specific indications, to prevent passing infections to other patients. In addition, it has reduced the odor in patient care areas associated with frequent handling of stool and bedpans.

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