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61% of bedpans are contaminated with bacteria


Bedpans, urinals, reusable washcloths… The traditional medical products and devices used in hospitals are often aging and carry bacteria such as Gram, C-diff and potentially viruses such as covid-19.
Good cleaning and disinfection practices are difficult to apply in institutions, often for lack of time.

A proven method

Out of four body fluid management methods currently used in the
healthcare system the traditional manual method, bedpan washers,
macerators and hygienic bedpan envelopes, the use of Hygie technology for the managing of body waste (at Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis) seems to
have contributed to the notable drop in the number of cases of infection.

Hygiene remains the key to controlling Covid-19

Did you know? Hygie (the company is named after Hygie, the goddess of hygiene) also offers several quick and effective hygiene solutions for patients, such as this wet cleaning glove that contains no alcohol or soap, and does not require rinsing. It can also be heated in the
microwave for additional comfort.

We also have dry gloves that you can wet, wash and throw away! Made
of very soft, resistant and hypoallergenic fabric, they can be flushed
directly into the toilet.