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Why Hygie?

  • Our concept is unique in the world, it’s the only complete solution to manage body fluids effectively and fully tackle cross contamination leading to hospital-acquired infections. The benefits are well documented in the Case studies section of the website and you can also refer to user testimonials.
  • The needs are growing for this approach as the challenge of multi-resistant bacteria is increasing everywhere. Don’t get left behind. Be sure to have the right solution to effectively respond to a fast-growing demand
  • A proven track-record showing the efficiency of our methods and their necessity. Hygie works with partners who have successfully implanted our products in 15 countries.

Working with Hygie

  • Training, samples, turorials, sales playbook, etc. Everything you need to be successful on your market
  • 13 years of expertise in the field with infection control professionals; nursing managers; head nurses; caregivers; purchasers and biomedical engineers. We help you every step of the way and answer and all questions you could get introducing our concept on your market
  • Collaboration is one of our key company values, we strive to make every partnership beneficial and we give you the support you need




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