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Hygie joins Didactic, world expert in infection prevention and control, and introduces the Inter.med range to prevent oral infections and improve hygiene and comfort of dependent patients.

There is a simple and efficient way to manage body fluids

“There must be a better way to manage body fluids.’’


Hygie has answered that question for  thousands of health specialists just like you.


Our single-patient concept revolutionized infection prevention in health facilities, across the world.


Nurses love it. Purchasing loves it. You’ll love it. Only infections don’t love it. And that’s ok.

Lise Laplante


General manager,
Quebec, Canada

I just read the article in the Innovation section of Les Affaires. After literally "camping" at Charles-Lemoyne three times in 2007-2008 to watch over my father and my brother, I can testify that the risk situations described in the article are unfortunately the reality in hospitals. And when you choose to take care of a sick person at home, having access to such products can only help. Bravo and good luck for the future!

M. Emery


Hygiene Officer,
Korian Medical Clinic,

Very positive feedback from the teams, no more trips to wash-basins, no more time lost, less smell in the corridors, greater ease of work. Patient very happy because has nominative material, new, that he takes with him when he exits if he wishes. RU very positive to this approach.

Faye Brekelmans


Infection Control Advisor,
London Health Sciences Center,

Several staff members indicated that they really like the new Hygie bag because it prevents the risk of splashing themselves when dumping urine or feces. Some units have started using the Hygie bag on all patients requiring a bedpan, rather than just for specific indications, to prevent passing infections to other patients. In addition, it has reduced the odor in patient care areas associated with frequent handling of stool and bedpans.

Easy-to-use products so you can focus on what’s important : protecting life!

Hygie offers a full range of single-patient products for the handling and disposal of body fluids that effectively minimize environmental contamination directly at the source.


No cleaning required, no risk of environmental contamination, no infrastructure required. Made from recycled materials.

Management of urine

Our urinal system offers solutions that can help the healthcare professional effectively manage and contain urine.


Vomit Management

Easy-to-use and efficient solutions to contain vomit


Management of stool

Our products isolate stools and contaminants at point of care



Cleaning options that don’t necessitate water


Commode chair

Infection Control Professionals most trusted commodes


Absorption of liquids

Solidify body fluids within seconds


Our expertise + your experience = success

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