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We have been using the Hygie products in our facility for several years now on our bedside commodes and bedpans. Having these products has made such a difference for our staff when performing ADL Care and toileting! Don’t know how we could ever live without them!

Safe Patient Handling Coordinator, VA Boston

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Contain infections at the source

Splashes, spills and drips from bedpans and commode chairs are a leading cause of infection spread in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. But Hygie® has a solution.


With the Hygie Commode Chair System, infections are contained at the source. Nursing homes that use our system have been able to reduce HAI’s by 50%.


Keep staff and patients healthy and safe


Reduce costs associated with HAIs


Improve staff productivity and efficiency


Reduce staff shortages due to job dissatisfaction and illnesses


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Now we’re offering our complete system — with our top-selling
commode chair — for just dollars a day.

What you get

Hygie Aluminum commode chairs


The SIMPLICI-T™ autonomy chair is designed for nursing homes and use at home for people with reduced mobility. It’s designed to preserve the comfort, autonomy and dignity of users. Caregivers will appreciate the simple use, the time gains with no spills & no cleaning, and the prevention of cross-contamination. Facilities will appreciate the efficiency and savings.

Hygie Aluminum commode chairs

Commode Liners

The Hygie Commode liner is the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body wastes at point of care. Its unique super-absorbent pad included in each cover (liner) is designed to turn more than 700 ml of body fluids (urine, blood and feces) into gel within seconds. In one simple move staff can seal and trash them – keeping all contaminants safely inside.

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Why Hygie®?

For 15 years, our mission has been clear: to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections. Healthcare organizations across the globe trust our products to keep their staff and patients healthy.


Developed with an in-depth understanding of body-fluid management, our single-patient products offer innovative alternatives to traditional methods of preventing and controlling HAIs. We are ISO 13485 certified, proof of the quality of our products.


Hygie® is committed to green production and invests in sustainable development. Using recycled materials, we manufacture recyclable products with no expiration date. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable.


Discover More Products

Hygie Gloves

Ready-to-use, single-use, hygienic non-woven gloves are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including children, babies and sensitive skin.

Hygie Gloves
Urinal Kit

Our urinal system helps healthcare professionals effectively manage and contain urine at the point of care.

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